I am a Feminist: Part I

Posted by savannahkase on October 30, 2013 in Personal, Woman Power, Working Mom |

“Our job is not to make young women grateful, it is to make them ungrateful so they keep going.” – Susan B. Anthony (as quoted by Gloria Steinem) In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg recounts her sense of indignation after being patted on the head by then-Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil, while serving as a […]

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Escaping the Office

Posted by savannahkase on October 25, 2013 in Advice, Working Mom |

TGIF! In honor of the end of the workweek (my first full week back at work since the government shutdown), I thought I’d write about how to escape the office in time to hang out with your family on the weeknights. One of my favorite anecdotes from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In was her description of the […]

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Dressed for Success?

Posted by savannahkase on October 21, 2013 in Personal, Working Mom |

Fall is here in Washington, D.C. so I have been struggling to find work attire that is warm enough for my morning and evening walks to/from the office but cool enough not to make me sweat in our over-heated (in my opinion) building. I appreciate that women have more options for professional attire than men – […]

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Be Nice, Ooze Confidence, and Don’t Cry

Posted by savannahkase on October 17, 2013 in Advice, Current Events, Working Mom |

As I joined millions of other federal employees returning to work today, it felt like a fresh start. In the working world, there are no semesters to mark the passage of time, no universal vacations that keep everyone out of the office for an extended period, and no major organizational uncertainties. Particularly in a mammoth […]

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A Bittersweet Ending (Mostly Just Bitter)

Posted by savannahkase on October 16, 2013 in Current Events, Mom & Dad Dynamics, Parenting, Personal, Working Mom |

I pretty much stopped watching the news more than a year ago. While I was pregnant, I suffered terrible nightmares and was stressed out by all the bad news on TV. I decided that everything I needed to know about current events could be found in The Economist and The Daily Show, which I read […]

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The Hard Work of Homemaking

Posted by savannahkase on October 13, 2013 in Mom & Dad Dynamics, Parenting, Working Mom |

Public opinion polls rarely result in shocking conclusions, and yet, they can be fascinating for the insights they provide into questions that might not otherwise be openly discussed or quantified. The newest study by the Pew Research Center is a perfect example. The headline is so obvious as to be laughable: “Parents’ Time with Kids […]

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Feeling Good For Nothing

Posted by savannahkase on October 10, 2013 in Advice, Current Events, Personal, Working Mom |

I have been feeling particularly useless lately.  I am my family’s sole breadwinner, but the federal government shutdown means that I cannot work and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  And how have I used my eight unplanned vacation days?  Visiting and spending time with my friends and family (clearly, not blogging […]

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Guilt By Expectation

Posted by savannahkase on October 3, 2013 in Mom & Dad Dynamics, Personal, Working Mom |

As he headed out to do some errands sans baby this morning, I announced to my husband, “By the time you get back, we will both be dressed, fed, and packed for our trip tomorrow, plus, the baby will have napped and I will have done at the laundry.” When my husband returned, about an […]

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Slippers and Stilettos: Separating the Personal & Professional

Posted by savannahkase on September 27, 2013 in Parenting, Personal, Working Mom |

When my colleague forgot her breastmilk storage bags this morning (“mommy brain” is a real thing, and persists months after childbirth), I immediately called my husband to ask him to bring some by my office. We live a few blocks away and I have dozens of storage bags. Plus, I always love an excuse to […]

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Am I Too Attached? Mom Enough?

Posted by savannahkase on September 24, 2013 in Parenting, Working Mom |

Back in February, some dear friends asked my husband and I how we would feel if they had a kid-free wedding in September. Our son was only a few weeks old at the time, but we assured our friends that by the time their wedding came around, we would be happy to leave him with […]

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