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voicemailI have been very busy trying to get the hang of caring for two kids (see here for my post on this crazy juggling act), so have neglected the outside world a bit as of late.  It was no surprise, therefore, when the polite automated woman who operates my cell phone voicemail informed me that I needed to delete some messages because my mailbox was full. The new messages were all friends and family congratulating me on my new baby, asking how things are going, and/or confirming social plans for the coming week. But I was mystified by the 17 saved messages, since I cannot recall the last time I saved a voicemail. So I began to listen to them, one by one, and was taken on an auditory trip through important times and people from the last ten years (I did not realize I’d even had my cell number and account that long!). Here is what I heard:

  1. My mom recalling the day I was born as one of the happiest in her life on my birthday.
  2. A dear friend just laughing, hysterically, in response to my outgoing message. [Hearing him laugh always makes me crack up!]
  3. My sister rejoicing in a Munster rugby victory, speaking in her exaggerated Irish accent and the baby voice she once used whenever on the phone with me.
  4. My obstetrician asking me to call her to discuss my lab results. [I put off making that call for a long time because I knew what she was going to say …]
  5. The Senator I worked for 2006-2008, calling to wish me a happy birthday and thanking me for all my hard work.
  6. My parents, singing that they hoped to hear from me soon, in response to my rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song.” [“Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone …”]
  7. My dad calling to apologize for missing my call because he was on the other line dealing with a plumbing emergency. “I’m really sorry; I would much rather have been talking to you than to Justin!”
  8. My grandmother calling to tell me she was thinking of me, but making me promise not to call her back (over and over again!) because she knew I was busy preparing to take the Bar Exam the next day.
  9. My parents rejoicing in their first successful Skype call and saying they hope to “see” me again soon.
  10. The first (of millions) voicemail from the love of my life after we’d agreed to spend the rest of our lives together but still had to spend one more year on opposite sides of the Earth before that life could begin.
  11. My mom calling after hearing a radio report about an armed gunman at my old high school to tell me how much she loves and appreciates me. “You never know what things can happen so you have to say it when you think it, even if you think it all the time.” Awww . . . .
  12. My brother-in-law tearfully telling me that I had a beautiful baby niece minutes after she was born. [I burst into tears upon hearing it; I blame the new mom hormones.]
  13. A group of law school friends calling to congratulate me on my wedding and assuring me they were there in spirit.
  14. My grandmother wishing me a happy 30th birthday and consoling me on growing older. “I can’t believe it, but it is so, so you’ve got to accept it,” she said in her 95-year-old wisdom.
  15. One of my best childhood friends calling to wish my son a happy 1st birthday and telling him how glad she is to have him in her life and that she looks forward to getting to know him better as he grows up.
  16. My husband reporting that our son has his first tear-free drop-off at play group. “No clinging, no crying, and no binky!” The triumph is evident in his voice.
  17. My son calling me while I was in the hospital after giving birth to his sister. “Mommy hospital baby. Love you! Kiss! Hug!” [The sound effects are too cute!]

As you may have guessed, I managed to delete exactly zero of my saved voicemail messages. So much for spring cleaning!

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