30 Things I’m Thankful For

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5 of my greatest blessings!

5 of my greatest blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!  My family’s holiday tradition is to begin our decadent supper by going around the table and each saying what we’re grateful for, so I always try to spend a little time ruminating on my bountiful blessings in advance.  This year, I thought I would challenge myself to come up with thirty discrete things that make my life wonderful.  This is what I came up with (in no particular order):

    1. My husband, who gave up everything to become my partner and our children’s parent.
    2. The people who toil tirelessly to reverse climate change, improve access to education, protect endangered species, eradicate disease, fight against injustice, and make innumerable contributions to the greater good so that I don’t have to.
    3. A job that allows me to make my family my priority.
    4. The ability and opportunity to travel often, whether to familiar places full of friends or new countries full of new experiences.
    5. My parents, whose example and support keep me going.
    6. A body that has taught hundreds of group fitness classes, digested all sorts of exotic foods, and born one perfect child (and is busy creating another).
    7. Country music, reality TV, and frozen yogurt.
    8. The good fortune of being born in a country that, despite its flaws and struggles, remains the land of the free (where just about anything can be bought online).
    9. All the teachers, mentors, supervisors, and other advocates who have believed in me.
    10. The fact that my dad taught me to be a good driver, but that I am able to live a car-free life.
    11. My restless spirit, which protects me from complacency.
    12. The availability of a wide variety of nutritious food and abundant water where I live (I wish everyone on Earth could say the same).
    13. My paternal grandmother, who has been an inspiration and an ally my whole life.
    14. This moment in which I am free of debt, as well as without any assets that tie me down (a house, car, nice furniture, etc.).
    15. The good health of my immediate and extended family.
    16. The respective areas of expertise of my immediate family and their generosity in sharing it, which allow me to remain blissfully ignorant of technology, accounting, medical care, home/car repair, etc.
    17. Unanswered prayers that turned out to be blessings in disguise.
    18. The home videos that my dad took throughout my life that enable me to glimpse where I came from and imagine what lies ahead for my own children.
    19. Modern medicine that gives premature babies a chance at life, relieves migraines, and prevents many diseases from taking hold.
    20. The community of friends who have stood by me through bad break-ups, new babies, multiple relocations, and other life transformations.
    21. My urban lifestyle in downtown DC with a dozen museums at our doorstep and an endless array of things to do with accomplished people from around the world.
    22. The peace and satisfaction I derive from stolen moments of quiet creativity (journaling, knitting, beading, baking, dancing, etc.).
    23. My cat, a rescue, who plays fetch, likes to be near us, and is impressively tolerant of our toddler.
    24. My daughter-to-be who is truly a dream come true.
    25. Hot showers, warms sunshine, and central air.
    26. The people who pass along things they no longer need so that my family can buy secondhand furniture, toys, gadgets, and other treasures we could not afford new.
    27. My own inner self-confidence and limited vulnerability to external judgment (I credit my parents for instilling this magic power in me).
    28. The eight children that my maternal grandmother raised so I’d grow up with an ever-growing horde of cousins that I can now share with my own kids.
    29. The technology that enables me to keep in touch with friends and family far away, and to access an endless wealth of information.
    30. My son, whose innate sense of joy and compassion brightens my days and makes me a better person.

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