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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  -Henry Ford


Happy Labor Day!  I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hardest working guy I know – my beloved husband.

My husband and I are both strong believers in gratitude as an attitude (sounds corny, I know, but it goes a long way in promoting happiness, forgiveness, patience, and calm), so we are very good at saying we love and appreciate each other. But I often forget to tell him precisely what I appreciate him for.  So allow me to use this blog as a soapbox for a moment to tell my true love (some of the reasons) why he is my hero:

  • He accepts and admires me for who I am.
  • He can fix anything (a leaky faucet, stained shirt, or bad day).
  • He shares my childlike curiosity and excitability.
  • His South African accent is sexy!
  • His chivalry and compassion are genuine and automatic; he does not hesitate to offer to help someone carry groceries or to find their way in his new hometown.
  • He is unashamedly affectionate.
  • He is optimistic and always looks on the bright side.
  • His long arms are useful for reaching things and for making me feel small and safe.
  • He is wrapped around our son’s little pinkie.
  • He turns errands into adventures.
  • He knows all kinds of random stuff and tries to teach me about it (like how computers work and why there are different kinds of clouds).
  • He is amazing at folding laundry and vacuuming (I suck at both).
  • He is so kind and patient with my grandmother.
  • He is constantly telling me how beautiful and sexy I am, even when I feel I look my worst.
  • He is articulate and communicative, as well as a good listener.
  • He puts my son and me before himself.
  • He is sensitive and romantic in a very manly way.
  • He thanks me for everything, whether it be making supper or planning an outing.
  • He is just plain handsome!
  • He appreciates a good meal but is just as happy with mac n’ cheese from a box.
  • He embraces challenges, even when they come disguised as problems.
  • He delights in our little traditions, inside jokes, and silly rituals (just like me!).
  • His corny and predictable sense of humor; I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • He has charmed my friends and family – they love him as much as (or more than) they love me.
  • He celebrates even our smallest triumphs – like getting the baby to sleep or saving 30% at the grocery store.
  • He speaks more than three languages and is teaching them to our son.
  • He is calm, confident, and courageous in times of crisis (whether it’s a serious illness in the family or a poop explosion).
  • He is my best friend – the person I can say anything to.
  • He shows me that he loves me in a million little ways – by packing my lunch, by stealing kisses, by bringing me my towel after a shower, by stashing sweet notes in my purse, by bragging about me to his friends, by letting me eat the heal of the bread, and by taking over when he can tell I’ve had enough.
  • He thinks he’s the lucky one!

I believe that happily ever after is a choice, and I am so blessed to have a partner who has also made that choice. Honey Bunches – I love you so much!


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